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These children

On the streets of Nepal

These children roam the streets of Kathmandu (the tourist area) regularly as a way to make money for their families. They ask for money “to eat.” They know what they are doing and they do it well. Their parents send them to the streets in the tourist area as their “job” during the day.

They could get different jobs - there is no law against children working as servants in places - I am not exactly sure why they are in the streets.

But the fact is they are poor. And they are hungry. And if you give them food without opening it, they will sell the food for money instead of eating it.

We got out of our cars and walked straight into a Nepali dress shop and the children waited for us at the door, begging for money for food.


When I started taking pictures, they got bashful and hid behind the glass.


I forgot to mention that right before we walked into the shop, I gave my leftovers from a restaurant to another girl who was with them. Instead of sharing it, she took off running in the other direction with the whole bag of food.

That probably explains why they waited at the door... they hoped I would give them more food, I’m sure.

Luckily there were a few in our group with hearts. :) My mother-in-law (Sue Cook of ATC) walked across the street and bought box drinks, raisins, and pastries for the kids. She opened everything so they couldn’t re-sell them. After opening and handing the drinks to the children, she had to tell them “drink” (in Nepali) before they even put the straw to their lips.



They waved to us as we left them with their food. After we drove off we saw them all sit in a circle sharing their food and taking a break from the begging. We were glad to have given them something to smile about that day.


P.S. The second girl from the right mysteriously re-appeared without the leftovers in her hands anymore. I think she delivered them to her family.

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A photo story

What happens when you lock yourself out of your hotel room in Chitwan National Park, Nepal:

Reassuring, isn't it? :)

Many more pictures to come. Here's one of my favorites. This here is the boy we sponsor. My love for him grew ten-fold during our short visit:


And here we are together. A rough photo of me (it's hard to style your hair w/o electricity), but one I will cherish always.


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Ways you can pray for me while I am in Nepal

I am in the process of packing for the trip. I've got a to-do list that still has PLENTY of to-do's not yet crossed off on it! I thought I would touch base with my supporters and let you know of the ways you can pray for my trip. I can't thank you enough for your prayer and financial support. I believe this trip will not only change my life, but I pray it will change the lives of those whom I am able to interact with.

Thank you for this opportunity.

Ways you can pray for me while I am out of the country:

1. That I remember everything I need to take with me. This is my first time on a mission trip and I want to make sure I've got all my bases covered. One of my team members sent me a list of suggested items to bring, so that has been super helpful! Pray that if I DO forget something, it won't be something total vital to my existence or productivity while in Nepal.

2. For God to work through my hands and eyes while I photograph anything and everything that could be helpful for this ministry. I want to cover everything possible, yet I want to make sure to get the powerful, moving images that would help portray the mission of this group to all of it's supporters.

3. In addition to photographing, I am also in charge of crafts while we are in Nepal. Please pray that we will have enough supplies to go around and that the crafts I have chosen will help enforce the lessons to the children.

4. Please pray for my stress and anxiety! I am completely stressed with a super long to-do list and slight panic over trying to remember all that I need to bring and all that I need to do before I leave the country.

5. I have a tendency to get home sick and I am concerned about leaving my husband for the first time for such a long period of time. Pray that I will not allow this to weigh me down or get in the way of doing God's work while I am gone.

6. Outbound flights. I leave Roanoke, VA at 12:30pm on Sunday headed to Charlotte. From there the trip goes like this: Detroit -- Amsterdam -- Delhi -- Kathmandu. I will be flyng from 1 Feb 12:20pm - 3 Feb 2am EST time. Pray that all connections will go well and my time in Dehli will be a safe time. (I am staying overnight in Dehli and have accomodations. Someone will be meeting me to take me to and from the airport. I'm a little nervous about that.)

7. That I will be able to navigate the airports and that all my luggage will be SAFE and secure!

8. That I do not get sick while I am in Nepal. I fairly healthy and rarely ever get the flu, so please pray that there will not be a rare occurance of a stomach virus hitting me while I am out of the country!

9. That I will get enough rest on the flights so that I will feel energized when I land in Kathmandu.

10. For our team's time with the children at the children's homes. Many of these children have little or no family connections, so pray that I will be able to be personal with them and be the sister or friend that they need while they are there.

11. For our safety while we travel in the country. I hear the roads are windy and sometimes treacherous, and it takes a long time to get to places if you are traveling far.

12. Nepal is currently only getting electricity for 16 hours a day. Please pray that this will be enough to keep my camera batteries and laptop charged so that I can both clear my compact flash cards and continue to build a great library of images for Allow the Children to use when I return. I believe I have sufficient space on my cards if I am unable to empty them while I am in Nepal, but honestly the more pictures I can get, the better.

13. This is VERY selfish, but it is about the electricity again. We will have access to a cafe' to use the internet, but they are not open if the electricity is out. When I am gone the computer is a way for me to talk to my husband and update you all with pictures and stories of my time in Nepal. This is crucial to me and I would appreciate your prayers that I will have sufficient power to stay in touch.

14. That I would regard the Nepali culture. Things are very different over there so please pray that I will be able keep with their ways and not unintentionally offend anyone.

15. That I would be a testimony to the unbelievers there. From taxi drivers to hotel/restaurant staff, anyone! Many of the ministry partners have contact with those who are unbelievers, so please pray that I will reinforce what they are doing there.

16. That everyone on the team's bodies/minds adjust well to the time change. Nepal is 10 hours and 20 minutes ahead of us ... crazy!

17. That we would be a help and not an extra burden while we are there. We will be staying in the home of one of the ministry partners and in a children's home, and we want to be good, helpful guests.

18. For my returning flights. The traveling will be much of the same on the way home as it was on the way there. Pray that I do not get stuck in Dehli! (For some reason I am really concerned about this. I have to claim my luggage and leave the airport while I am there and I am concerned I will have trouble when I return to the airport to head home.)

19. That my trip there will have lasting benefits ... not only to the Nepalis we are ministering to but for me as well. Conditions there are so difficult for Nepali believers ... financially, physically and spiritually (Nepal is mostly Hindu and Buddhist), and it is so wonderful to come home with a fresh perspective. BUT it is also easy to forget those things after I integrate back into culture in the USA. Pray that I would remember and continue to act upon my experience.

20. For my husband. He is not exactly thrilled to be without me for two weeks, though he is excited for my adventure! Please pray that he will not be lonely and he will find ways to pass the time quickly while I am gone.

21. For our entire team ... Sue, Jean, Tamara, William and Jennifer. We all could use your prayers!

Thank you so much! I plan to post some pictures and stories while I am traveling!

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It's really happening!

Well, the letters are in the mail. The flights have been booked!

It is really happening! I am going to NEPAL in February! Ahhhhh I am excited!

I have an array of emotions and thoughts about the trip. Will my photo skills be good enough? How do I capture happiness and joy in the children if they have a hard time smiling for the camera? Will I stay warm enough? What will I do to pass the time on the flights? Will I be o.k. on a flight THAT long?!

What will I decide about craft projects?

I am in charge of crafts. I have to come up with lightweight, pre-cut craft projects to take with us to Nepal. They can't take up too much space in our luggage, either. And they are to coincide with the lessons about different parts of the body. Mmm.

This should be fun. I like to consider myself a crafty person. I just need to do a little research to ease my anxieties about finding "the perfect project." Once I've got the idea then the rest of the process should flow easily.

And honestly... I just need to remember to lift all of this up to my heavenly Father. Here you go, God! Use me, lead me, guide me.

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For real this time!

Well the time has come. We have begun our preparations for the February 2009 trip to Nepal.

My wonderful mother-in-law stocked me up with informative bookmarks to add to my support letters and they will be in the mail tomorrow! I hope I am not interfering with all of the Christmas cards everyone will be receiving.

I have started to think a little bit harder about how cold it is going to be while I am in Nepal. I will admit, I am nervous about those cold nights. Will I sleep well? Will I wake up wishing I were in my own warm bed with my warm comforter? I know that with missionary work comes sacrifice, and, yes, I can go two weeks without my down comforter. And when I return, I expect to appreciate that comforter a little bit more with every use.

I mostly expect to appreciate a lot more in my life after my return. I truly look forward to gaining a new perspective.

More thoughts later...!

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